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Benjamin Andrew Moore Webisodes: The Jorge Show (Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 999)
Posted by Benjamin Andrew Moore - 8.09.2009

The Jorge Show: Episode One (Unedited Version) (You must have Facebook to view this link)

SYNOPSIS: I originally posted this "webisode" on YouTube back in the summer of '06. Three hours later, it was taken down by YouTube for, I assume, making fun of Emmalina (a prominent YouTube Vlogger at the time). I guess they didn't get satire? I replaced it with a watered down version that omitted any and all references to Emmalina, visual and verbal, but it was never quite the same. Here it is now, uncensored and glorious as all hell. (A big thanks to Facebook for having video upload capability.)

Starring Benjamin Andrew Moore

Shot, Edited, Written, and Directed by Benjamin Andrew Moore

The Jorge Show: Episodes Two and Three "Jorge Versus Self-Control"

SYNOPSIS: Jorge makes a bet with himself: that he can stop masturbatingto himself!

It doesn't go so well, as part two of this two-part episode can attest.  Watch as Jorge crumbles into a pool of strung-out withdrawal and self-hatred after only TWO DAYS of not masturbating to videos of himself. For those of you who've always wanted to see Jorge at his most pathetic, this is your chance!

Starring: Benjamin Andrew Moore

Shot, Edited, Written, and Directed by Benjamin Andrew Moore

A Letter for Jorge!

SYNOPSIS: Because my Jorge videos were most popular amongst gentlemen (who primarily favorited YouTube videos that depicted young men touching themselves), Hass decided to make a followup video that very thoroughly dealt with said subject—much to my delight!

Seriously, there are few videos I love more than my own, but this is one of them.

Starring: Matthew C. Hass

Created by Matthew C. Hass; Shot by Dan Eldrenkamp

The Jorge Show: Episode 999 "The Return of Jorge Jackson"

SYNOPSIS: After years of hiatus, The Jorge Show returns with Episode 999, the spiritual successor to critically-acclaimed The Jorge Gaze. "IT'S THE BEST 17 MINUTES OF ONE GUY TALKING AD NAUSEUM ABOUT HOW MUCH HE LOVES HIMSELF THAT YOU'LL SEE ALL DAY."

Starring Benjamin Andrew Moore

Original Song "Every Wasted Summer" by Dan Eldrenkamp

Shot, Edited, Written, and Directed by Benjamin Andrew Moore

(Look for more episodes of The Jorge Show, coming soon. I'll admit, though, that expressing your desire to see more episodes would make the likelihood of seeing them even greater.)





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