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Posted by Benjamin Andrew Moore - 8.11.2009
Benjamin Andrew Moore Presents: The Perfect Comic-Con Blogger

SYNOPSIS: Benjamin Andrew Moore presents Benjamin Andrew Moore as the perfect choice for Sony Pictures/Comic-Con (2006) blogger. (Benjamin Andrew Moore.)

P.S. Whose brilliant idea was it to limit this thing to 30 seconds? Lame. Time limits are lame.

P.P.S. Clearly, I did not win this contest. I've always blamed it on the fact that I almost say the word "cock" at the end.

Starring: Benjamin Andrew Moore and Dan Eldrenkamp

Shot, Edited, Written, and Directed by Benjamin Andrew Moore

Benjamin Andrew Moore's Audition for a Mad Men Walk-On Role

SYNOPSIS: Benjamin Andrew Moore as Joan Holloway from AMC's hit series Mad Men.

Starring Benjamin Andrew Moore

Shot by L. Star. Mac; Edited and Directed by Benjamin Andrew Moore

Behind the Scenes: Jonathon Shakespeare: Demon Hunter

SYNOPSIS: The hilarious behind-the-scenes footage of the massively improvised Jonathon Shakespeare: Demon Hunter (March 2004)! Watch as the director, Benjamin Andrew Moore, is a huge asshole to everyone, but especially Spencer Higgins, the "star" of the film.

The best parts come at the end: first, when Ben and Spencer debate the subtleties of stroking chest hair; and second, when Spencer gets a face full of milky red paint in what would be the climax (figuratively and literally and sexually) of the movie. So stick around until then. It's like being born again.

Starring: Spencer Higgins, Baryd Breon-Drish, Stuart Higgins, and Dan Eldrenkamp

Edited and Directed by Benjamin Andrew Moore

Behind the Scenes: Mr. Popularity

SYNOPSIS: This is just one clip from the behind-the-scenes of Mr. Popularity, albeit a hilarious one, that depicts how terrible Benjamin Andrew Moore is to his actors.

Note: While Mr. Popularity used to be one of the films in my YouTube repertoire, it was recently taken down due to the fact that I used about fifty seconds of the classic Curtis Mayfield song Superfly. Still, this is incredibly worth watching, even if you've never seen Mr. Popularity.





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